Working with placeholders

To work with placeholders on a slide, activate the Slide Layout task pane by doing one of the following:

  • Right-click the background of the slide and choose Slide Layout.
  • Choose Format → Slide Layout.
  • Click the drop-down arrow on the title bar of any visible task pane and choose Slide Layout.
    • If no task pane is visible, choose View ? Task Pane or press Ctrl+F1.

With the Slide Layout task pane visible, you can:

  • Change the layout of a slide. Hover over the new layout and click the drop-down arrow that appears. Choose Apply to Selected Slides.

    Slide Layout task pane menu

  • Reset the layout of a slide. If you have changed the layout of placeholders on a slide and want to reset the layout to the original layout, hover over the original layout and click the drop-down arrow that appears. Choose Reapply Layout.

You can also modify the placeholders or the content that you add to the placeholders:

  • You can resize the placeholder by dragging the placeholder's handles.
  • You can resize the object that you insert into a placeholder by dragging the object's handles.
  • You can delete an object inserted into a placeholder. The placeholder will reappear in its original location and size.
  • You can delete an empty placeholder by selecting it and pressing Delete.
  • You can reset placeholders on a slide using the Reapply Layout command on the layout's drop-down menu in the Slide Layout task pane.
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