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- Intel Unveils New Itanium 2 Processors

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==== 1. In the News ====
by Paul Thurrott, [email protected]

Microsoft Settles with Be
This weekend, Microsoft announced that it reached a settlement with Be back in February. The settlement, which is awaiting court approval, will end Be's years-long antitrust lawsuit, which alleges that Microsoft illegally forced Be out of the market.
Under the settlement terms, Microsoft won't admit any wrongdoing and will pay Be more than $23 million, after legal fees. Be will agree to end litigation against Microsoft. All other terms of the settlement are confidential. Microsoft noted that this is the second private lawsuit the company has settled this year (Microsoft announced a settlement with the state of California in January). Be began life as an Apple Computer competitor in 1990, eventually offering multiple-processor multimedia computers and an advanced OS. In 1998, after losing a bid to become the next OS for Apple, Be moved its OS software to the Intel platform and tried to compete with Microsoft. In February 2000, the tiny company announced an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft, alleging that Microsoft's illegal business practices destroyed Be's business. Be was the second company, after Netscape, to sue Microsoft as a result of the software giant's federal antitrust case.

Intel Unveils New Itanium 2 Processors
Today, Intel will release two new versions of the 64-bit Intel Itanium 2 microprocessor that's designed for the rack-mount server market. The low-voltage Itanium 2 chip, code-named Deerfield, and a new lower-power version of the standard Itanium 2 chip, code-named Madison, are both aimed at small, two-processor servers that companies use in places where space, cost, and energy are crucial.
The low-voltage Deerfield Itanium 2 runs at 1GHz and comes with a relatively small 1.5MB of cache (higher-end Itanium 2 versions feature as much as 6MB of cache) but consumes only about half the energy its higher-end siblings consume. The new 1.4GHz Madison Itanium 2 also features 1.5MB of cache. The chips don't appear to be barnburners, but they address specific markets. "Our low-voltage Itanium 2 is the result of frequent customer requests," Intel's Lisa Graff told me recently. "It features lower power, enabling more dense solutions."
From a pricing standpoint, these chips should enable the lowest-cost Itanium-based machines ever made. The low-voltage Itanium 2 costs just $744 at volume, whereas customers can pick up the Madison chip for $1172. An Itanium 2 chip with 6MB of cache currently sells for about $4227; by comparison, customers should be able to pick up an entire low-voltage Itanium 2 server for about $5000, Intel says.
For Intel, moving Itanium 2 to volume sales is important for many reasons. New 64-bit competition from AMD is looming, and the potential market is huge. Currently, Intel dominates the overall server market with 88 percent of the market share, but half of the overall server revenue comes from the remaining 12 percent, which is largely made up of expensive RISC UNIX servers. That 12-percent figure represents a $20-billion opportunity for Intel, and moving the Itanium 2 into more market segments is part of the company's wider plan to maintain and grow its overall share.

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