WinInfo Daily UPDATE, November, 6, 2006: Windows Vista RTM Is Imminent

- Windows Vista RTM Is Imminent

- Microsoft Releases Office 2007 to Manufacturing


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- Windows Vista RTM Is Imminent

- Microsoft Releases Office 2007 to Manufacturing

by Paul Thurrott, [email protected]

Windows Vista RTM Is Imminent

My Microsoft sources confirmed this past weekend that the company is set to finalize Windows Vista as early as Monday and release the product to manufacturing sometime this week. The final build number is expected to be 6000.16386.061101-2205. (Readers might recall that, back on August 25, WinInfo broke the news that Microsoft would iterate Vista to build 6000 for the final release.)

In its quest to finalize Vista, Microsoft has faced two hurdles in recent days, one technical and one a bit unusual. The proposed final build was marred by a few late-breaking bugs, which the company expected to squash over the weekend. Meanwhile, a power outage in the Windows build lab on Friday prevented Microsoft from creating a new Vista build that night.

As I've related in my "Road to Gold: The Long Road to Windows Vista" series on the SuperSite for Windows, Microsoft was angered earlier this year after it granted analysts at Gartner unprecedented access to Vista's bug database, and Gartner published an opinion stating that the company would delay Vista past its January launch. This week, however, Michael Silver, the research vice president at Gartner, finally admitted that his firm's repeated predictions about further Vista delays were wrong, delighting those on the Vista team.

"It appears that Microsoft will beat our prediction," Silver wrote in a Gartner blog. "We will congratulate Microsoft as they hit their dates." Prepare to issue those congratulations, Mr. Silver: Microsoft is set to finish Vista this week.

I'll begin publishing a massive, multipart review of Vista as soon as Microsoft announces Vista's RTM. Stay tuned.

Microsoft Releases Office 2007 to Manufacturing

At 9:00 a.m. EST this morning, Microsoft announced that its long-awaited Office 2007 System was complete, setting the stage for a late November 2006 business rollout and a wider consumer launch in January. Microsoft is touting Office 2007--in tandem with upcoming products such as Windows Vista and Exchange Server 2007--as the linchpin of a new round in corporate spending.

"We've crossed the development finish line, and the team deserves to celebrate," said Microsoft president Jeff Raikes, who oversees the company's business division. "The 2007 Microsoft Office System RTM completes the most significant improvements to the products in more than a decade. It's rewarding to be able to send this release off to our customers and help them take the next big leap forward in productivity."

Microsoft previously announced its Office Technology Guarantee program, which lets customers who purchase new PCs between October 26, 2006, and March 15, 2007, with Office 2003 preloaded receive free or inexpensive upgrades to similar Office 2007 product versions. Details about these so-called upgrades are available through PC makers.

This week, I'll post a review and screenshot gallery of the final version of Office 2007 on the SuperSite for Windows.



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