Windows Web Solutions UPDATE, March 25, 2003

Windows Web Solutions UPDATE, March 25, 2003


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March 25, 2003--In this issue:

1. COMMENTARY - Microsoft Reveals New Enterprise Management Strategy

2. KEEPING UP WITH IIS - Assigning a User Account to a COM Object - Results from Last Issue's Instant Poll: .NET Web Services - This Issue's Instant Poll: MOM

3. ANNOUNCEMENTS - Join the HP and Microsoft Network Storage Solutions Road Show! - Get a Sample Issue of Exchange & Outlook Administrator

4. RESOURCES - Webcast: Securing Web Services - Featured Thread: Migrating IIS

5. NEW AND IMPROVED - Support Added for Web Services in Help Desk - Submit Top Product Ideas

6. CONTACT US - See this section for a list of ways to contact us.




* MICROSOFT REVEALS NEW ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT STRATEGY At the second annual Microsoft Management Summit, which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, last week, Microsoft made numerous public announcements related to its enterprise management strategy. Microsoft announced three new products that are of special interest to the IT administrator: Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2004, Microsoft System Center, and the beta release of Automated Deployment Services (ADS) for Windows Server 2003.

MOM, a server-monitoring solution, improves the availability, performance, and security of Windows–based networks and applications. Depending on the configuration, MOM can provide central monitoring and automatic problem resolution for networks of tens to thousands of computers, continuously monitoring user actions, application software, servers, and desktop computers that run Microsoft Windows 2000 or later. Microsoft said that its objective with MOM 2004 is to help make Windows the best-managed platform that provides the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for its enterprise customers. In fact, IDC, a technology research firm, produced findings from a recent survey that shows that the Windows platform is less expensive than the Linux platform--even though Linux is technically free--because Windows is easier to manage and operate than Linux.

Microsoft promises that MOM 2004 will enhance the existing MOM product in many areas, including reducing the time required to deploy and configure MOM. According to Microsoft, "MOM 2004 will contain many customer-requested features, including auto-alert resolution, state monitoring, topological views, an intuitive task-based operator console, broader management pack support, and better reporting capability."

With Microsoft System Center, Microsoft intends to provide customers complete application and system management for any size enterprises. System Center is founded on Microsoft's Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI), which is designed to provide simplicity, automation, and flexibility in the datacenter across the IT environment. Microsoft says that System Center will provide solutions for enterprise management scenarios, including desktops, laptops, PDAs, applications, and servers. In his keynote address, Brian Valentine, senior vice president for Microsoft's Windows Division, said of System Center, "Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive management solution to our enterprise customers, reducing the costs of operating the Windows environment."

The beta 1 release of ADS for Windows Server 2003 is a powerful new server-provisioning and administration tool that provides key technology for DSI, which unifies hardware, software, and service vendors around software architecture. Key ADS features include highly scalable automated server deployment; encoding of operational practices and standards; flexible image creation, editing, and scripting tools; and a reliable script-based administration framework.

The ADS beta became available last week to early adopter customers and is expected to be broadly available in second quarter 2003. More information about ADS is available at .

I find these new products very exciting as they relate to Microsoft's enterprise management strategy. I've said for many years that Microsoft ships great OSs and platforms, but not the tools to manage the OSs and platforms. Microsoft appears to have recognized its weakness in this area and is fixing it, which is good news for all IT administrators.

Tim Huckaby, News Editor, [email protected]




* ASSIGING A USER ACCOUNT TO A COM OBJECT Question: We registered a COM object on our Microsoft IIS 5.0 Web server. The object reads a configuration file to determine which drives the application should save data to. We mapped drives to remote shares and can't get the COM object to use the correct NTFS permissions. We gave the mapped drive permissions to the IUSR_hostname account, which should have let the object write to the remote location, but that didn't work. How do we assign a user account to a COM object?

To find the answer, click the following link:

* RESULTS FROM LAST ISSUE'S INSTANT POLL: .NET WEB SERVICES The voting has closed in the Windows & .NET Magazine Windows Web Solutions channel's nonscientific Instant Poll for the question, "When does your enterprise plan to implement .NET Web services?" Here are the results from the 51 responses: - 31% We already use .NET Web services - 16% Within 6 months - 14% We plan to, but we're not sure when - 39% We don't plan to use .NET Web services

* THIS ISSUE'S INSTANT POLL: MOM The next Instant Poll question is, "When does your enterprise plan to implement MOM?" Go to the Windows & .NET Magazine Windows Web Solutions home page and submit your vote for a) We already use MOM, b) Within 6 months, c) We will implement MOM in the future, but don't have a definite timeline, or d) We don't plan to use MOM.



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* WEBCAST: SECURING WEB SERVICES March 27, 2003 11:00am to 12:30pm Pacific/2:00pm Eastern

Eric Schmidt, Technical Evangelist for XML Web Services in Microsoft's platform strategy group, presents a Webcast about securing Web Services. The session will review Web Services Security fundamentals, Web Services Enhancements 1.0 for the .NET Framework, and the application of Web Services SecureConversation and Web Services Policy. To enroll and find out more about this event, click the following URL:

For other upcoming events, check out the Windows & .NET Magazine Events Calendar.

* FEATURED THREAD: MIGRATING IIS Forum member Fablexo wants to know how to duplicate a Microsoft IIS configuration to a new Windows 2000 server. When he tries the IIS 5.0 migration wizard tool, he receives the following error message: "The migration was not successful, the following error occurred while creating the migration archive file:0x80020009 (from SrcCabinet.SrcCabinet.1)." To lend Fablexo a helping hand, click the following URL:



(contributed by Sue Cooper, [email protected])

* SUPPORT ADDED FOR WEB SERVICES IN HELP DESK UniPress Software announced that FootPrints 6.0, its Web-based Help desk and support automation software, will support the .NET Web Services Framework when it's released in second quarter 2003. FootPrints is a Web-based platform to centralize and automate your internal Help desk operations, external support processes, and online self-service. The new version will feature a standard .NET Web Services XML/SOAP module to enable your .NET applications and services to use FootPrints functionality to automate tasks or to query the system. Contact UniPress Software at 732-287-2100, 800-222-0550, and [email protected]

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