Windows Phone 8.1 Receives an Update to Remote Desktop Preview

Windows Phone 8.1 Receives an Update to Remote Desktop Preview

Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview has been running along pretty smoothly since its release into public testing. There were some bugs to begin with, but through online feedback forums, Microsoft has taken suggestions and bug reports and released updates on a frequent basis.

Microsoft Remote Desktop utilizes Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and RemoteFX to allow mobile devices to connect to full-featured desktops, allowing better productivity than can be supplied by just a small screen. Available for Windows 8.1, iOS, Mac OS X, and Android, today Microsoft is rolling out an updated version for Windows Phone 8.1.

The updated version comes with the following new features:

Default Mouse Pointer – For new remote configurations, the mouse pointer will be the default method for onscreen input.

SHIFT key – A SHIFT key has been added to the onscreen, extended keyboard.

Resume button – A new Resume button allows you to quickly startup the last active session, making it easier to switch back and forth between remote connections.

If you still have it installed, you'll be updated automatically. However, if you've not attempted to try it out yet, or have uninstalled it, you can grab the most current version from the Windows Phone store: Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview

Source: Microsoft

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