Windows NT Memory Leaks

Q160035 Memory Leak in SNMP Subagents
Q161484 Memory Leak in NET VIEW Command with CSNW
Q162029 Token Leak Caused by LPC Port Connection to DHCP Service
Q164322 Memory Leak in NetQueryDisplayInformation API
Q164913 Access Violations or Memory Leak May Occur with Tracing Enabled
Q164925 Non-paged Pool Leak in Ftdisk.sys
Q164980 IIS Memory Leak When Using IDC and Microsoft Access
Q165090 Memory Leak in SNA Server Windows NT Client When Using APPC
Q165335 Active Server Pages: Progressive Memory Leak
Q165483 RasEnumEntries() API Leaks Memory
Q166311 Memory Leak Retrieving OLE Property Values with Service Pack 2
Q168260 Private Byte Memory Leak in Rpcss.exe
Q168348 RasDial( ) Leaks Resources on WinNT 4.0
Q169559 SMS: Remote Control Agent Shows Memory Leak with 3Com NIC
Q169856 SNA Print Service Leak When All Print Sessions Are Stopped
Q170509 Memory Leak in SERVICES.EXE Causes Performance Degradation
Q170626 DDEML: Memory Leak in Global Shared Memory
Q171180 Non-Paged Pool Memory Leak in IRP Pool Tag
Q171413 Changing and Saving Config File Results in Memory Leak
Q171996 Winsock Function Calls Generate Non-Paged Pool Memory Leak
Q174230 Adding Duplicate Accounts May Cause A Memory Leak
Q174764 Memory Leak in Ntfs.sys
Q175273 SNA Server Leaks Memory If Detailed Logging Is Enabled
Q175745 Memory Leak When Using Win32 GetClipboardFormat API
Q175877 CSNW Connection Leak When Running 16-bit Applications
Q177415 How to Use Poolmon to Troubleshoot Kernel Mode Memory Leaks
Q178381 SNMP Leaks Memory If the OID Cannot Be Decoded
Q178547 DOTCRASH Helps Debug System Hangs and Memory Leaks in Windows NT
Q179827 Registry Handle Leak Causes Random Blue Screens
Q179995 Memory Leak in FPNW Causes Windows NT Server to Hang
Q180729 Handle Leak in SNAUDB.EXE
Q182544 Host Security: Memory Leaks, Database Corruption, Event Logging
Q182713 Multiple Entries in Zone File Cause Memory Leak in Dnsadmin.exe
Q183419 Memory Leak in Spoolss.exe Causes Performance Degradation
Q184744 DHCP Server Leaks Registry Quota on Alpha Version of Windows NT
Q185211 Non-Paged Pool Memory Leak in COMX Pool Tag
Q185833 Memory Leak in Rasman.exe on Compaq Systems
Q186131 MS-DOS Application Using Novell IPX API May Leak Memory in NTVDM
Q186401 Leak in Services.exe
Q186439 Removing Server Service Results in Memory Leak
Q186495 WOW Leak Launching Many Instances of a 16-Bit Application
Q191830 Memory Leak Due to Repeated Logon/Logoff May Corrupt Profiles
Q191852 Bhnetb.dll Leaks Memory in Winlogon.exe Process with NetMon
Q192788 SMS: Wuser32 Leaks Memory After UDP Port 1762 Attack
Q193090 Inetmib1.dll Causes Memory Leak in Winlogon.exe Process

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