Windows IT Pro's New Daily Content Blast Email Newsletter

Windows IT Pro's New Daily Content Blast Email Newsletter

We understand there's a couple different types of people in the IT world. Those that like to go find their information (we'll call them 'researchers'), and then those that prefer to have the information come to them (let's call them 'planners'). Of course, there's that third individual who is a mixture of both, choosing the right vehicle for the moment's requirement.

IT Pros are busy folks. That's why the second group, the planners, are considerably the largest group.

Truth told, I'm part of that group, too. I use hand-selected RSS feeds and email notifications and newsletters to make the information come to me. That way, I can choose to see what I want. I do my research up front, tweak it over time, and then just wait for the valuable content to deliver to me. I can sift through my inbox, locate the information that is important to me, and consume the most essential content of the day. And, by doing it this way, I can also work it into my ever-changing schedule.

Many of you have requested an option to be able to have notifications of all of our great daily content delivered to your inboxes. Whether it's technical how-to's, breaking news, information for planning, or data you need to do your job better, we produce a lot of what you want. But, we also understand many of you don't have time to just visit our web site 100 times a day as new, valuable content is constantly delivered. So, we're happy to fulfill your requests and deliver a very simple, but effective daily content blast newsletter.

Delivered every morning, the Windows IT Pro: Daily Content Blast newsletter brings every bit of content created the day before straight to your inbox so it's waiting for you with your morning coffee. We'll be adding subscription links to all of our pages soon, but in the interim use the following to sign-up:

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We hope you enjoy it!

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