Windows Home Server Completed, Microsoft Says

On Monday, Microsoft announced that it had completed development of Windows Home Server, its upcoming OS for home servers, a new type of PC that will be made by various hardware manufacturers. In addition, Microsoft announced two new manufacturers that will be shipping home server hardware in time for the holiday season: Iomega and Fujitsu Siemens Computers. Previously, Microsoft had highlighted other partners, such as Gateway, HP, LaCie, and Medion.

"We did it," Microsoft General Manager Charlie Kindel wrote in the Windows Home Server blog. "The 'Quattro' project began in February 2004 and we became a product group in April 2005. As you can imagine, I am extremely gratified that we have built a great V1 product on time and on budget."

Windows Home Server will be delivered in two forms, with dedicated home server hardware and as a software-only version for system builders. Microsoft will ship an evaluation version of the Home Server software so enthusiasts can try out the final code, and the company says that French, German, and Spanish language versions of the software will be completed soon as well.

I've been writing a lot about Windows Home Server--indeed, I was the first to publicly discuss the project then called "Quattro" that became Windows Home Server. I'll be reviewing the final version of the code closer to general availability, but my Windows Home Server Beta/CTP Preview is available on the SuperSite for Windows if you'd like more information.

TAGS: Windows 8
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