Windows 2000 Server Bug

My company recently employed an MCSE to set up Windows 2000 Server. Unfortunately, he failed to set up the DHCP server, which caused the router to make random dial-outs, sometimes as often as every 30 seconds. Even after the MCSE supposedly fixed the problem, we still had a massive telephone bill for about 19,500 ISDN calls.

While we were trying to figure out what was causing the spontaneous dial-outs, we consulted Microsoft's premium support service. Although we figured out that our MCSE caused our problem, Microsoft also discovered that Win2K Server has a bug that causes the router to make a random call every 4 hours. To help us fix this problem, Microsoft directed us to the articles "ADsOpenObject(), ADsGetObject(), OpenDSObject() Functions May Generate Incorrect DNS Queries" ( and "ADsOpen-Object("LDAP://RootDSE", ....) Call Generates Incorrect DNS Queries on the Network" ( Microsoft also sent us three hotfixes and instructed us to apply Service Pack 1 (SP1). In addition, Microsoft sent us a five-user copy of Exchange 2000 Server and a check for 100 UK pounds toward our phone bill. Needless to say, Microsoft's excellent service impressed us.

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