Windows 2000 Introduces a New Method

The Microsoft Scripting Run-Time Library is a ubiquitous library that Microsoft distributes with many products, including Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Windows Scripting Host (WSH), and the VBScript or JScript runtime modules. Because IE and WSH are part of Windows 2000 (Win2K) and Windows 98, Microsoft considers IE and WSH as part of those OSs—which means that, when Microsoft ships Win2K, you can expect improvements in the Scripting Run-Time Library.

For example, the FileSystemObject (FSO) object model in Win2K (or in any other Win32 platform that you've installed WSH 2.0 on) contains the new GetFileVersion method. GetFileVersion takes a filename as input and returns a string representing the version number of the specified file. This method will be useful in checking for conflicting DLLs in your system. Curiously, you don't access this method through the File object property but rather the root FileSystemObject object.

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