Why can't I use Microsoft NetMeeting to share applications?

A. Within Microsoft NetMeeting, any meeting participant who connects through a standard connection (e.g., network or dial-up connection) can go to the Tools menu and select Sharing to share an application (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint) with other meeting participants so that they can see the application window and any actions taken within the application. As a result, you don't have to host the meeting to share applications, although the meeting host can configure the meting so that only he or she can share programs.

If you use Remote Desktop or a Terminal Services session to connect to Microsoft NetMeeting, you won't be able to share applications during the meeting. Similarly, you won't be able to share applications if you try to share applications too quickly after the meeting has started--your computer must synchronize with the other participants' computers before sharing information. Try waiting 30 seconds after the meeting has started before attempting to share an application.

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