Why aren't the dial-up options available on my Windows 2000 domain?

A. If you go to the Active Directory Users and Computers Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, select User properties, then the Dial-in tab, you might find that the following options aren't available:

  • Control access through remote access policy
  • Verify caller ID
  • Assign a static IP address
  • Apply static routes
  • Static routes

These options aren't available when your domain is mixed mode instead of native mode because other non-Win2K domain controllers don't support the options. If you don't have any non-Win2K domain controllers, you can upgrade to native mode to enable the options.

I have noticed a bug in the Win2K Administration tools for Win2K Professional. If you have a mixed-mode domain, these options appear to be available, but when you try to select one of them, the system returns an error.

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