Why aren't audio and video available in NetMeeting when you use Microsoft Proxy Server?

A. This situation can occur if you use Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 to connect to the Internet and you have Winsock 2.0 installed on your computer.

To resolve the problem, complete the following steps:

  1. Start the registry editor (regedit.exe).
  2. Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Audio\NacObjec.
  3. Select New - DWORD value from the Edit menu.
  4. Enter "DisableWinsock2" (don't type the quotes). Press Enter.
  5. Double-click the new value, and set it to 1. Click OK.
  6. Close the registry editor.

Also, check if the ports for sending audio and video are enabled (usually ports 1503, 1720, and 1731).

The directory server must be functioning properly to connect to it. NetMeeting directory services require either port 389 or port 522. NetMeeting 2.0 uses port 389 for Internet Locator Service (ILS); NetMeeting 1.0 uses port 522 for User Location Server (ULS). To verify that the directory server is functioning properly, use Telnet to connect over these ports.

In summary, to enable NetMeeting access through a firewall:

  • Pass through primary TCP connections on ports 522, 389, 1503, 1720, and 1731.
  • Pass through secondary UDP connections on dynamically assigned ports (1024-65535).
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