What's Microsoft PSS, and when should I call it?

A. Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) is the group who answers the phone when you call technical support for help. If you don't have the phone number committed to memory yet, it's 800-936-4900 for US customers. Outside the US, consult whoever sold you Exchange Server.

When you encounter a server situation that you don't know how to fix, first search PSS’s knowledge base to try to find the solution to your problem. If you don’t find the answer, call PSS, preferably before doing something that further damages your server. When you call PSS, the tech support representative will ask you how you're going to pay for the call. Rates vary depending on whether you have a support contract; if not, a call costs US $195. Be prepared to tell the representative what error prompted you to call, what actions you've taken to try to fix the problem, what version of Windows NT or Windows 2000 and Exchange Server you're running, and whether you have any hotfixes.

If the PSS representative determines that your call duplicates a known problem that already has a hotfix, he or she will arrange for you to get the hotfix. If you have a new problem, the representative will probably ask you for additional information to isolate the problem. PSS has unlimited access to the Exchange Server development team, so it can get to the bottom of any Exchange Server problem.

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