What You See Isn't All You Get

If you think the only content we have is what you see in our print magazine, you haven't been paying attention. Our print magazine is just a sliver of the information we offer. For example, if you're not seeing the Exchange content you want in this issue, check out these great resources online:

Need to Know Guides
I bet you didn't realize how much you need these quick references.
"Top 7 Tips for Deploying Exchange Server 2007"
"Top 7 Exchange Disaster Recovery Tips"

Essential Guides
What else can I say? "Essential guides" is pretty self-explanatory.
"Exchange 2007 High Availability and Disaster Recovery: What You Get and What You Need"
"Continuous Data Protection for Exchange"
"Real-Time High Availability for Exchange"

Alan Sugano's Web-Exclusive Content
More like "Alan Su-guru." Alan writes tons of helpful articles that seem to fly under the radar.
"Exchange Event 1023 IMAP4SVC Error," InstantDoc ID 95862
"Getting Your iPhone to Sync with Exchange 2003," InstantDoc ID 96730
"Can I Upgrade to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 from Exchange Server 5.5?" InstantDoc ID 95611

Podcast: Exchange 2007 and High Availability
Paul Robichaux talks about Exchange Server 2007's new clustering and replication features and what they mean to your HA design as you prepare to migrate. He also highlights HA situations that might be better addressed by other technologies.

strong>Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP
This one's a no-brainer. Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP is the essential information source for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook pros. Members get access to technical articles, Q&As, forums, and scripts. You should join; all the cool kids are.

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