What NT Backup options are available?

A. After you start NT Backup, you’ll see a list of all the drives on the machine. You can select an entire drive, or you can double-click the drive and select directories. After you select the drives or directories, click Backup.

When you perform a backup, you need to complete the following fields.

  • Current Tape—The inserted tape’s name. You can’t edit this field.
  • Creation Date—Date of original backup set creation. You can’t edit this field.
  • Owner—Tape owner. You can’t edit this field.
  • Tape Name—A 32-character (maximum) string describing the tape.
  • Operation Append/Replace—If you select append, the new saveset adds to the end of the tape. If you select replace, NT Backup overwrites any information on the tape.
  • Verify After Backup—After the files copy to tape, this field verifies the files against the files on disk.
  • Back Up Local Registry—Backs up the local computer’s registry. (You can’t back up a remote computer’s registry.)
  • Restrict Access to Owner or Administrator—Makes the tape secure. Only the tape’s owner or a member of the Administrators group or Backup Operators group can access the tape.
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