What keyboard shortcuts can I use in a Windows 2000 Server Terminal Services session?

A. The typical shortcuts, such as Ctrl+Alt+Del for the Security window, don't work in a Terminal Services session and only affect your local session. The table below lists alternatives that work with a Terminal Services session.

Local Combination Terminal Services Session Equivalent Use
Ctrl+Alt+Del Ctrl+Alt+End Brings up the security dialog box
Alt+Tab Alt+PgUp Displays application selector and moves selection to the right
Alt+Shift+Tab Alt+PgDn As above, but moves the selection to the left
Alt+Esc Alt+Insert Swaps among running applications
Ctrl+Esc Alt+Home Opens the Start menu
Alt+Spacebar Alt+Del Right-clicks the active applications icon button
  Ctrl+Alt+Break Toggles between window and full screen mode
PrtScn Ctrl+Alt+Plus sign on numeric keypad Snapshot of full Terminal Services screen
Alt+PrtScn Ctrl+Alt+Minus sign on numeric keypad Snapshot of current window in session
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