What issues are there with SQL 7's DTS function and Oracle.

A. The Microsoft ODBC and OLEDB drivers for Oracle support the Oracle 7.3 BLOB data types, not Oracle 8.0 data types (for example, BLOB, CLOB, NCLOB, and BFILE are not supported).

The Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle does not support sending Unicode strings into an Oracle server. Oracle requires prefixing Unicode strings with the letter N.

The Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle does not support negative scaling for the Oracle number data type.

The Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle reports that an Oracle number data type without a specified precision has a size of 20 digits. When importing from Oracle (regardless of the destination), if there are more than 20 digits,
you may have to manually increase the precision if the destination table does not already exist.

Oracle supports only one LONG (BLOB) data column in a table.

You cannot import or export Oracle columns that have mixed or lower case names. You also cannot transform or copy data using Oracle column names that contain spaces using the DTS Import and DTS Export wizards. Oracle requires
case-sensitive column names to be precisely specified and quoted.

To perform distributed transactions between SQL Server and Oracle, you must use Oracle version or later. For information about distributed transactions, see Microsoft DTC Service.

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