What files does Exchange use?

A. A. Below is a list of the more common files used by Exchange

File Directory Use
Priv.pat Pub.pat Mdbdata Patch files, safe to delete if no backup is taking place and no startup recovery is in operation
Dir.pat DsaData Patch files, as above
Dlv.log Snd.log Dlvxxxxx.log Sndxxxxx.log Mdbdata These are created when Sending and Delivering diagnostics logging for either the private and public information stores are set. These can be deleted at any time. Dlv.log and Snd.log are the most recent logs created.
PUB.EDB PRIV.EDB MDBdata Information store
DIR.EDB DSAdata Directory information
EDB.LOG   Transaction Log
EDB00nn.LOG   Previous Transaction Logs
EDB.CHK   Check Point file
RES1.LOG RES2.LOG   Emergency logs for when disk is full
TEMP.EDB   In progress transaction

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