What does x stand for?

A. See the table below

ACL Access Control List A list that controls the access to an object
API Application Programming Interface An API is an interface through which programs interact with each other, normally through DLL calls.
BDC Backup Domain Controller An NT Server machine that receives a copy of the master user-database from the PDC and can validate logons
COLD Computer Output to Laser Disk  
DAP Directory Access Protocol Used to access a directory service
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol A service that automatically assigns IP-addresses to clients from a given range (scope)
DLC Data Link Control International standard protocol IEEE 802.2

Used with mainframe gateways and to control printers with a JetDirect-card

DSA Directory System Agent The name of a domain controller, e.g. titanic
DSA UUID DSA Universally Unique ID The 128 bit number used to identify objects stored in the directory.
FAT File Allocation Table The DOS way of organizing a harddisk

Lots of wasted space on large disks

Little file security

GUID Globally Unique IDentifier A 64-bit number that is statistically unique
HPFS High Performance File System The OS/2 way of organizing a harddisk
ICMP Internet Contol Message Protocol Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is a maintenance protocol specified in RFC 792 and is normally considered to be part of the IP layer. ICMP messages are encapsulated within IP datagrams, so they can be routed throughout an internetwork. ICMP is used by Windows NT to:
Build and maintain route tables.
Assist in Path Maximum Transfer Unit (PMTU) discovery.
Diagnose problems (using the utilities ping and tracert).
Adjust flow control to prevent link or router saturation.
IPX/SPX Internetwork Packet Exchange / Sequenced Packet Exchange Novell NetWare protocol

Based on the Xerox protocol XNS(Xerox Networking Services)

LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Protocol used to query a directory service
MAC-addresses Media Access Control layer addresses 48-bit address that is hardwired into the netcard

DHCP, among others, use this to identify a machine requesting a certain IP-address within its lease duration

NBT NetBIOS over TCP/IP NetBIOS built on top of the TCP/IP suite
NDIS Network Driver Interface Specification Microsoft binding standard (interface between netcard driver and protocol)

Can load into high memory on DOS systems

NetBEUI NetBIOS Extended User Interface The actual NetBIOS transport protocol
NetBIOS Network Basic Input/Output System An API of 18 networking-related commands
NIC Network Interface Card Such as an ethernet card. Also you have InterNIC, the organization that assigns domain names and IP-addresses to Internet hosts, http://www.internic.net
NTFS New Technology File System The NT way of organizing a harddisk

Efficient storage

High level of security

ODI Open Data-link Interface Novell binding standard (interface between netcard driver and protocol)

Can not load into high memory on DOS systems

PDC Primary Domain Controller The NT Server machine that stores the master user-database in a domain
RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives A number of disks with data distributed all over them to allow for faster access

Can also provide data-recoverability

NT supports RAID level 0,1 and 5

RIP Routing Information Protocol The protocol that takes care of routing on the Internet
SID number Security IDentification number Every object in an NT domain have a SID number

Reinstalling will not give the same SID number

SPS Standby Power Supply Device that is installed between the wall outlet and the computer inlet

The power goes directly into the computer with a branch to the batteries

When the power fail, the batteries take over, but with a delay

The delay should be 4 ms or better for proper operation

TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol The protocol used for Inter- and Intranet communications
UDP User Datagram Protocol A basic alternative to TCP for IP communication

Among other things, UDP is used for communicating with DHCP-servers

UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Device that is installed between the wall outlet and the computer inlet

The power is directed through the batteries, thus stabilizing the variance of the power from the outlet

Because of this, the switch delay is 0 ms

WINS Windows Internet Naming Service A dynamic IP-to-name database

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