What configuration is needed for Mac's to work with Proxy Server 2.0?

A. HTTP Proxy is a TCP/IP based protocol. So your machines need to have nothing more than TCP/IP. AppleShare, and Windows Networking are a layer above TCP/IP and proxy servers are not concerned with them.

Assuming that your Mac has TCP/IP, you need to do the following configuration:

1, Your Mac must have an IP address and subnet mask that allows it to see the proxy server. In my case my server's IP address is (this is a Intranet address - a non translatable address not visible outside the network), and my Mac's IP addresses are like 10.0.0.* (where * can be anything in the range or 2 to 255) with subnet masks of (so basically they can see any machine with IP addresses in the range of to

There are two ways of setting the IP addresses -

* you can manually set them on each machine. This is pretty straightforward. It is done in the TCP/IP control panel. Just make sure that you do not give the same IP address to two machines

* you can use DHCP.

In the case of DHCP, you need to have a DHCP server - you can set that up on your NT machine too (add DHCP in Network services). With DHCP, each machine gets their IP addresses assigned by the server when they start up - insuring that there are no clashes (duplicate IP #’s), and that each machine gets its own IP.

2, Your applications must be told where the proxy server is. This is pretty much the same as how you would set up you apps on the PC too. Apart from that you don't need to set up anything else for proxy services. You will need to go into IE and setup Proxy Settings (preferences); proxy should be Internal IP Address of your Proxy Server. ( At This point you should be able to Browse the Internet if your Proxy is working. If not Check your socks service on the NT Server (proxy settings) and make sure you have set the ports to all ACCESS ALLOWED. (SOCKS security) GE=0.

In control panel on the Mac under TCPIP we had to modify two network cards in the drop down list at the top for this to work correctly. Your MAC be different. We had to edit the subnet ( twice in order for it to stick it kept getting erased!)

IF, however, you want to access shared volumes and printers on the NT box from the Mac, you will need to set up NT Services for Macintosh (another can of worms). But this is not needed for Proxy (internet) access.

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