What Is Bogging Down Your Windows XP Migration Plans?

What Is Bogging Down Your Windows XP Migration Plans?

Yesterday, I gave some reasons I've seen, heard, and experienced on why some organizations are slow to migrate from Windows XP to Windows "something else."

In a nutshell:

  1. Application-compatibility issues
  2. Not enough time to test
  3. Waiting to see what Windows 8.1 will provide for business
  4. Not enough IT resources
  5. Confused about the proper tools

You can read the full text here: "April 2014 is Fast Approaching and Organizations are Still Thick with Windows XP"

Paul Thurrott recently went on a typical but valuable tirade about Windows XP migrations, and some of the commenters suggested that people are just lazy. With only seven months left (April 2014), Paul's rant is spot on and folks should take notice.

You can read Paul's missive here: "The Coming Windows XP Apocalypse"

So, after sifting through both articles, I realize that we've not covered all the bases. I'm positive there are other reasons companies have not migrated or started migrating, and I'd like to throw it out to you to help us fill the gaps. We're preparing to provide guidance and content to help with the Windows XP migrations, and the information you provide will be extremely helpful to us—and ultimately to you. Take a quick second and participate in the following survey:


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