Want Support for Windows XP Beyond April 2014? Move to China

Want Support for Windows XP Beyond April 2014? Move to China

While the recorded world sits at close to 30 percent of computers still using Windows XP, China is closer to 50 percent countrywide. Despite the majority of the business world knowing that Windows XP support expires on April 8, 2014, many are still holding on with white knuckles and based on reports, China's grip is even stronger.

A news story today from Xinhuanet states that several Chinese technology companies are banding together to support Windows XP for the next two to three years. Tencent, Kingsoft, Sogou, and other Internet service providers will build a "hedge" of protection for those still using Windows XP. Technical assistance, system upgrades, and risk defense will be provided.

Ding Ke, senior manager at Tencent, goes on to state that more than one quarter of computers still in use in China run the almost 13 year old operating system. It's hard to determine how many of those are running legal copies of the operating system since China has long been attributed as a software pirate capital. A higher percentage of pirated versions will obviously cost more to migrate.

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