VoIP Solution - 09 Sep 2003

"Cisco has a product for every end of the spectrum, from the low-end Cisco ATA 186 for adapting analog phones to VoIP to the high-end IP phones. I've used their products, and they work great," a reader said. Cisco Systems' comprehensive set of IP communications solutions span IP telephony, unified communications, IP video/audio conferencing, IP video broadcasting, and contact-center products.

Two top-selling products are the Cisco IP Phone 7960G and the Cisco Wireless IP Phone 7920. The 7960G desktop phone is appropriate for a professional worker in an office environment who experiences a high amount of phone traffic. The phone provides access to multiple telephone lines (or a combination of lines and direct access to telephony features) and includes high-quality, hands-free speakerphone capability, built-in headset connectivity, and a large pixel-based display. The 7920 802.11b wireless IP phone provides comprehensive voice communications in conjunction with Cisco CallManager and Cisco Aironet 1200 Series, 1100 Series, 350 Series, and 340 Series of 802.11b Access Points (APs). The 7920 is adaptable for mobile professionals throughout the enterprise and delivers easy-to-use calling features and voice-quality enhancements.

Cisco Systems
San Jose, California
$495 for Cisco IP Phone 7960G; $595 for Cisco Wireless IP Phone 7920
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