Video Game Tournament Hits the Road

Take all the adrenaline, sweat, and energy from the X Games, pack it into a game console, and add killer graphics. Now add competitors from 30 cities nationwide--you've got the 2004 V Games, the first-ever live-action console and PC-based video-game tournament. The 2004 V Games might be crashing into your area this year—they're slated to visit major cities throughout the United States between March and September. Contestants will compete for a trip to the finals held October 2 to 3 in Los Angeles, and the winner of each game at the finals will win a $10,000 cash prize. Gamers can sign up to compete on any of three game consoles, and they can play up to two games on each console. PlayStation gamers can play Tony Hawk's Underground and Gran Turismo 3: A-spec, Xbox gamers can play Halo: Combat Evolved and ESPN NFL Football, and GameCube contestants will play Soul Calibur II and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Gamers, get ready—the first regional competition begins March 6 in Miami, Florida.

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