Video Game Consoles for $99?

Several online reports from industry analysts and game companies hint that Sony and Microsoft are likely to lower the cost of their game consoles to $129 in May. To give the Xbox one final push before the release of the Xbox 2 in 2005, Microsoft might drop the price of the console to as low as $99 by the end of year. Xbox sales were down 18 percent in North America between 2002 and 2003, and Sony PlayStation 2 saw a 49 percent decrease during the 2003 holiday season; these price cuts could help stop the declines. The latest rumor is that Microsoft will ship the Xbox 2 in late 2005, a full year before the PlayStation 3 ships. Microsoft hopes the Xbox 2 will be the machine that finally starts making money for the company. (Microsoft announced this week that it hasn't profited from and doesn't expect to turn a profit on the current Xbox.)

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