Using PowerShell Regions

Using PowerShell Regions

Q: What are Windows PowerShell Regions?

A: Typically, when you create a large PowerShell script, you have modules of code, and it can sometimes be very overwhelming and hard to navigate with all the code always visible.

PowerShell Regions let you place blocks of code into a collapsible "region" reducing what is displayed on screen until you actually want to see that region of code. Then you simply click to view the content of the region. To create a region use this command:


and to end it:


For example, here is a complete region:

#region Background job
$Trigger = New-JobTrigger –Daily –At 2am
Register-ScheduledJob –Name MyScheduledJob –ScriptBlock {Get-Process} –Trigger $Trigger
(Get-ScheduledJob –Name MyScheduledJob).JobTriggers
Get-ScheduledJob –Name MyScheduledJob
Unregister-ScheduledJob -Name MyScheduledJob

This is what regions look like in your code. Notice all are collapsed except the Background job region. Notice the line numbers are still accurate which gives you an idea of the number of lines in each region.

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