Using the Microsoft Band to Stay Active

Using the Microsoft Band to Stay Active

I don't know if you've ever noticed, but when a blockbuster movie is released there are generally 2 or 3 similarly themed movies that follow. Such is the case for a new series of Microsoft Band apps. A week or so ago, it seems one developer finally tapped into the Band API to provide activity reminders to Band owners. And, then over the next week, several more cropped up. Not all of them use an API, but all are creative solutions to remind you to move a bit more during the day.

We have all of them linked in the Microsoft Band Apps by Platform database we're maintaining, but thought it a great idea to pull these out and give them some personal attention, considering the Microsoft Band is capable of so much more than just tracking running and biking activities. Using the following apps you can be reminded to get up and move around periodically, instead of sitting, stagnate at a desk all day long.


Get Steppin! For Band - $0.99 (Windows Phone)

Get Steppin! is the app I use currently. You set your daily step goal, choose the hours you plan to be active (or inactive), and the app will automatically calculate the number of steps you need to perform per active hour to hit your goal. One caveat with this app is that it doesn't take into account any steps you've accumulate. It simply allocates a number of steps per hour to hit your daily goal without recalculating based on recorded steps.


Walk Reminder - $0.99 (Windows Phone)

Walk Reminder was one of the first activity apps to release and works from a pretty solid idea. Instead of setting a step goal for the day, you tell the app to remind you to move if you've not taken a defined number of steps in a certain time range. Additionally, Walk Reminder can watch your calendar and automatically pause reminders during appointments.


Breaking Band – Free (Windows Phone)

Breaking Band is less of a counter for step goals, and more of an app that just wants to remind you to take a break from work. You set your idle (work) time and Breaking Band will remind you you've worked too long. However, steps do factor in somewhat. You can choose to be rewarded with more idle time should your step count increase.


Band Break – Free (Windows Phone)

BandBreak is a mixture of Breaking Band and the others, in that you can set both idle time and a step goal. It doesn't do much more than notify you per hour, but the interface is much cleaner.

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