User Manager Shortcuts

Managing several Windows NT domains and member servers requires you to use User Manager to switch between domains and computers—a process that can be time-consuming and tiresome. A better approach is to create a shortcut for User Manager and modify the shortcut's properties to connect to a specific NT computer or domain. For example, suppose you have five domains to manage. You can create a modified desktop shortcut for each domain. I often manage NT Server systems from my NT workstation, so creating shortcuts that connect to my servers saves me from having to manually tell User Manager which computer I want to connect to every time I start the program.

To create a User Manager desktop shortcut, right-click User Manager (usrmgr.exe) in Windows Explorer and select Create Shortcut. Drag the shortcut onto the desktop, then right-click the shortcut and select Properties. On the Shortcut tab, in the Target text box, type the path to the domain or computer you want the shortcut to point to. For example, to create a User Manager shortcut that connects me to the DRAGON domain, I type the following in the Target text box:

c:\winnt\system32\usrmgr.exe dragon

You can also use this process to create and modify shortcuts for Server Manager, Event Viewer, and Net Watch.

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