User and Directory Management Tool - 14 Sep 2004

In an extremely close race, ScriptLogic's Enterprise Security Reporter has taken the top prize as Best User and Directory Management Tool. We're talking one measly percentage point here, which says something about the quality of all competitors for this prize.

Put simply, Enterprise Security Reporter gives you answers to the questions you have about your Windows network. The product combs through the vast amount of data in Active Directory (AD), NTFS volumes, server registries, and shares, then stores the collected information in an open database. You can then analyze, query, and report against the open database on the security and configuration of your network. Improving on the functionality of native Microsoft tools (which don't provide sufficient information to produce meaningful reports), Enterprise Security Reporter provides an easy and efficient way to collect data and produce insightful reports. You can group servers into scopes to narrow the focus of your data queries.

561-886-2400 or 800-813-6415
2nd Place — Security Administration Suite
3rd Place — Hyena
SystemTools Software
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