Useful Dual-Boot Tools

To achieve the maximum level of file-system flexibility from your multiboot system configuration, check out Systems Internals Software's and Winternals Software's file-system tools. These companies produce drivers and utilities that provide new file-system support to various OSs.

Systems Internals' NTFSDOS 3.0 provides DOS, Windows 3.1, and Windows for Workgroups (WFW) with limited NTFS4 write capabilities. The company's NTFS for Windows 98 provides read capabilities for FAT32 volumes under Win9x. And FAT32 for Windows NT 4.0 lets NT 4.0 read FAT32 volumes.

Winternals Software's products include FAT32 for Windows NT 4.0, which provides FAT32 support under NT 4.0; NTFS for Windows 98, which provides NTFS support under Win9x; and NTFSDOS Professional Edition and ERD Commander, both of which provide NTFS support under DOS, Windows 3.1, and WFW. Winternals recently began bundling these products as the Dual Boot Tools set, which costs less than buying the components separately.

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