Update on Lose It! and Windows Mobile Integration

Update on Lose It! and Windows Mobile Integration

For Microsoft’s big devices launch event in NYC in October 2015, the company used Lose It! integration to bolster its big news for its revamped wearable, Band 2. Shortly after that I delivered an interview with the CEO of Lose It!, Charles Teague, to talk about the upcoming integration – particularly how Lose It! was planning to bring its services to Windows Phone users.

At the time, Charles was excited about the prospect of expanding the company’s service to Windows Phone and providing richer features to existing iOS and Android platform users. I know some Band 2 owners who actually purchased their wearable because of the hope of Lose It! integration. Lose It! is a big deal and a very popular service.

At the time of the interview, the only thing holding Lose It! back from the Windows Phone integration was the ability to port its app to the new platform. And, things were in motion. Lose It! had already put considerable work into porting its Android app to Windows Phone. The company was just waiting for Microsoft to officially release its Android to Windows Phone bridge. The unfortunate thing (which we know now) is that the company was relying on Project Astoria (Android) instead of Project Islandwood (iOS).

I reached out to Lose It! to get some clarification and to hopefully get a more in depth reply, but, also attempt to figure out why the company can’t port the iOS app instead of being so dead set on the Android version.

I received a reply, but not exactly the exposé I was hoping to receive.

The Lose It! spokesperson said:

The availability of the Lose It! app for Windows Mobile is dependent on Project Astoria, which is currently on hold.  We have no further updates at this time.

Lose It! says Project Astoria is on hold. Others say that its dead. I really don’t think even Microsoft knows at this point.

Recent news shows that Microsoft may actually be building a Linux subsystem in Windows 10. So, maybe this is the direction Microsoft is taking. Instead of developing a port, maybe Linux/Android apps will just run inline.

Who knows? But, at this juncture, there are some very unhappy Band 2 owners who signed up for Lose It! service subscriptions.

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