Two years after support ended, Windows XP still powering millions of PCs

Two years after support ended, Windows XP still powering millions of PCs

This week there are a lot of reminders floating around on social media about the fact that Windows Vista has just one year left in extended support for its 10 year lifecycle.

That expiration of support will impact millions of devices next year but that is nothing compared to the over 100 million devices, around 111 million or 7.4% of devices that are are online these days, which are still running Windows XP.

The reason I bring Windows XP up alongside of Windows Vista is that this week is also an anniversary of sorts for XP because it was two years ago this month that all support ended for the popular operating system.

At that time, in April 2014, Windows XP was still in use on about 30% of the PCs which connected to the Internet - that translates into around 450 million machines running the expired OS.

While it has lost around two-thirds of its install base over the last 24 months, there are still approximately four times as many machines running the expired Windows XP in the world compared to its successor and still supported Windows Vista.

Why is that number still so high?

Is your organization still running Windows Vista or XP machines?

Do you have a plan for migrating those machines to a more modern version of Windows?

Do you plan to move up to Windows 7 or will you go ahead and make the leap all the way up to Windows 10?

Does your plan include new hardware or will you upgrade the OS on existing devices?


OS Market Share Numbers via StatCounter (.csv file)

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