Twitch Coming with March System Update for Xbox One

Twitch Coming with March System Update for Xbox One

Stay twitchy

Microsoft previously revealed that its March 2014 System Update for Xbox One would come a bit early in order to accommodate the eagerly-awaited game "Titanfall." But today the firm revealed something additional about the update: it will also include an integrated Twitch experience that will let gamers broadcast and watch live matches.

Twitch support was originally part of the launch day specs for Xbox One. But in November, Microsoft unexpectedly delayed the feature, promising to deliver it during the first part of 2014.

It's back, baby.

"Twitch, the world's largest video platform and community for gamers with 45 million visitors per month, and Xbox One, the only all-in-one games and entertainment system, are joining forces to bring the broadcasting and spectating experience into the new generation," a new uncredited post to the Xbox Wire blog notes. "Twitch and Xbox One come together for the first truly next-gen Twitch experience, one that can't be matched by any other console."

Unless you wanted to use it last year, I guess: The PS4 has had this capability since it launched in November.

For the uninitiated, or anyone over 25 years old, Twitch lets you broadcast your own gameplay live so that others can watch, and it lets you watch your favorites games live. It will be published as an app on Xbox One, and integrated with Kinect, so you can say "Xbox, broadcast" to trigger a live stream at any time. It supports picture-in-picture, a live chat stream with 10 lines, and the ability to make an audio commentary.

"The best part of the first truly next-gen Twitch experience coming to Xbox One is that it will be here in time for the release of "Titanfall" on March 11," the post concludes. "It's fitting that the first truly next-gen multiplayer game will be making a Titan-sized splash on the first truly next-gen Twitch experience."

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