Turn Your PC into a Surveillance System

logiware released go1984 2.6, a Windows video surveillance and recording application that adds safety and security to businesses and homes. go1984 lets you visually monitor your workspace or home, giving you live video access to as many as 64 sources simultaneously. The system is compatible with IP cams, Web cams, video-capture cards, and any HTTP image source. go1984 lets you record continuously, schedule recording automatically during times when you require automated monitoring, or record based on a built-in motion detector. The interface provides quick access to scenes that you record. By networking several computers running go1984, you can set up a surveillance system across your LAN or WAN. go1984 requires a 400MHz Pentium II processor, Windows 2003/XP/2000/Me/ NT 4.0/98, and Internet Explorer (IE) 5.0 or later. The Standard version costs $39.95, and the Professional version costs $349.00. For more information about go1984 2.6, contact logiware at [email protected] or on the Web.


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