Troubleshooter--Tracking the Cause of JET Errors

My Windows NT 4.0 server runs Exchange Server 5.5 and a DHCP server. I receive Joint Engine Technology (JET) errors 1010, 1014, and 1016 in the event logs approximately every hour. What's causing these errors?

Luckily for you, these errors aren't Exchange errors. DHCP also uses a version of the JET database engine, and DHCP is generating these three errors. The errors signal that something is wrong with your DHCP database; more precisely, something is probably wrong with the hourly backup that the DHCP service performs. Check your DHCP database for errors by using the Jetpack tool (a Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit utility for compacting a WINS or DHCP database), and see whether it reports the same errors. The Microsoft article "Jetpack Error Codes for Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0" ( lists the error codes.

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