Troubleshooter—Printing Display Names and Addresses

I have eight Exchange Server 5.5 sites at different locations, with a total of about 250 mailboxes. How can I print a list of the users' display names and email addresses?

The simplest way to print such a list is to use the directory import/export functionality that's built into Exchange 5.5's Exchange Administrator program. To use this option, you need to build an export header file that contains entries for the display name and only those email address types you want (probably SMTP, possibly X.400). After you've built the header file, use the Tools, Export command to generate a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. Then, import the .csv file into Microsoft Excel for formatting. The Csv2tbl tool (written by my pal Greg Bacon and available from converts a .csv file into an HTML table suitable for online display and printing. From either Excel or an HTML table, you can generate the list whenever you like by using the Windows At command, the Task Scheduler, Winat from the Microsoft Windows NT Resource Kit, or a third-party add-on such as DWG Software's WinCron to schedule the export and post-processing. For a more complete description of how these import and export tools work, see my Windows 2000 Magazine article "Super Export and Import Tools" (August 2000).

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