Trouble at TiVo

Digital video recording (DVR) pioneer TiVo has run into a spate of bad times lately. First, the foundering company revealed that it had parted with long-time partner DirecTV, which was responsible for over half of its admittedly small user base. Then, CEO Mike Ramsay exited the company, revealing that he had rejected a mammoth deal with cable giant Comcast that might have introduced TiVo technology to millions of cable boxes across America. This week, TiVo president Marty Yudkovitz announced that he, too, would be leaving the company to spend more time with his family—which we believe is a corporate euphemism for "he was kicked out of the company." We haven't seen a company manage technical assets this valuable since, well, the final days of Commodore. Way to go, guys

TAGS: Windows 8
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