Top 10 Reasons to Keep Windows XP

Top 10 Reasons to Keep Windows XP

If you're not aware, you're not paying attention. April 2014 marks the end of extended support for Windows XP, meaning that Microsoft will stop supporting the 13 year old operating system. That means no updates, no security, and no support after that date. Thanks to a survey we are running (HERE) we know that many businesses lack the proper resources to perform the tasks required to ensure a safe and complete migration to a newer operating system. There's still a few months left, so there's still time – if IT can get started now. We have plenty of information covering Windows XP, and we'll be providing a lot more in the coming months to help you complete a successful planning and eventual migration event.

There are many reasons why running Windows XP after its support death is detrimental to the end-user and to the business. As we get closer to the date, you'll find many organizations your company does business with will issue edicts and embargos, halting all collaboration with you until the upgrade takes place. Security is the primary reason for that. You may think that staying with Windows XP only hurts your company and you feel confident that you can minimize any issues, but it goes way beyond that. A single, unsecure computer has the potential to destroy any other computers connected to it. That doesn't necessarily mean a direct connection. That can mean through email, a USB stick passed between colleagues and customers, across the local network, and even out across the Internet. It's that serious.

So, yes, it's a serious issue, but I'm not always a serious guy.  So, I thought we could have a little fun with it.

Here's my top 10 reasons to keep Windows XP. Have one to share? Leave it in the comments.

10. My hardware's not old, it's just comfortable.

9. All the other people here at the rest home still use it.

8. Scandisk hasn't finished yet.

7. I absolutely love malware!

6. There's nothing better than the smell of dust on a motherboard.

5. Leisure Suit Larry. 'Nuff said.

4. My 40 year old son says I don't need to upgrade.

3. Hey, even I know that 'X' is bigger than 8.

2. FDisk is my favorite virus removal command, I run it at least once a month.


And, the number one reason...


1. I'll never have to install updates again!


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