TiVo Hits 1 Million Milestone

After 5 years, digital video recording (DVR) company TiVo has finally reached 1 million subscribers. TiVo was one of the first companies to release DVR devices, which permit seamless hard disk-based TV recording and the ability to pause live TV. Over the past few years, the technology has seen improvements (e.g., the addition of multimedia features such as photo viewing), but high prices and poor marketing have led to slow growth. TiVo faces competition throughout the industry, from software giant Microsoft to individual cable companies. The company hopes the milestone will help it survive. TiVo isn't alone at the 1 million subscriber mark for DVR devices; satellite provider EchoStar Communications, owner of DISH Network, announced earlier this year that it hit the same subscriber mark, thanks to its promotion of free DVR devices to new subscribers.

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