Tip: Moving from Band v1 to Band v2 Without Losing Fitness Data

Tip: Moving from Band v1 to Band v2 Without Losing Fitness Data

Microsoft has made it easier to deregister a Band in a recent Microsoft Health app update. It’s now a very visible feature in the app’s menu system. But, even making the process easier doesn’t eliminate the chance that you could lose valuable data that you’ve recorded during the day when you upgrade your v1 device to the v2 device.

Here’s a couple tips:

  1. Sync your old Band before running the “Replace my Band” process. The replace my band function fully deregisters your Band with your smartphone so that it will no longer be able to sync. Syncing is a one-way process. The Band (both v1 and v2) syncs to the Cloud through the smartphone connection. Data is delivered to your Microsoft Health dashboard where it is stored and cannot be synched back to the Band.

  2. Register your new Band first thing in the morning or right before bed. When you register the new device, it starts clean – no steps logged, no calories burned, no activities, etc. The new Band will not overwrite your Activity (run, bike, golf, etc.) data in the Cloud, but could mess with your day’s calories burned and steps. For example, if you choose to do the swap during the day, and have still taken the extra step to sync first, your total calories and steps will be overwritten in your Microsoft Health dashboard. Additionally, setting it up before bed or directly after waking up ensures you can track sleep.

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