Tip: How to Provide Feedback for the Microsoft Band

Tip: How to Provide Feedback for the Microsoft Band

Microsoft is currently working to produce Microsoft Band v2. We talked about this back in May, but it was further confirmed recently by Microsoft's COO, Kevin Turner, during a WPC 2015 keynote.

Here's a summary of what we already knew in May:

  • Microsoft is actively working on a v2, and it's already being tested internally.

  • Microsoft Band v2 will be thinner and better form fitting (could have a curved screen).

  • Microsoft Band v2 will be tougher (a scratch-resistant screen, a battery junction that doesn't corrode, new clasp design, and possibly a different material covering the sensors)

  • Microsoft Band v2 will introduce new functionality, expose new sensors, and will eventually be part of the Windows 10 family (through software improvements and updates)

Additionally, I'm hearing that Microsoft Band v2 will be waterproof and there are whole slew of new integrations and different activity tiles coming.

All of these improvements (and more surprises) come, in part, from user feedback. If you're a Microsoft Band owner and would love to get your own suggestions recognized, there's a couple official ways to do it:

  1. Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band on User Voice

  2. Email the Microsoft Band team: [email protected]

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