Is there any way to work around the Outlook security update?

A. The Outlook security update prevents access to certain attachments. Since the FAQ about the problems of the new Outlook security update, I've heard of several ways to work around the update.

  • Move the message with the attachment to a new folder within Outlook (right-click the message and select Move to folder). Then open Outlook Express and import messages from the new folder (File, Import, Outlook, and then highlight the folder you moved the email message into). Make sure you have a virus scanner running, just in case the attachment does contain a virus.

  • After you install the security update, you can't open executables directly from an email message (you have to save them to disk). If you still want to open attachments from the email message, you can patch file outllib.dll (Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office):
    1. Close Outlook.
    2. Open file outllib.dll in a hexadecimal editor (I used HIEW).
    3. Search for the occurrence of the text "zip"--there should be only one. When you find it, you will see several other file extensions. Modify the ones you want to open from an email message to something like "[email protected]#" (I modified the .zip and .exe extensions).
    4. Save changes. You'll be able to open attachments directly from an email message.

  • Before installing Microsoft Office 2000 Service Pack 2 (SP2), back up two files: outllib.dll (Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office) and outllibr.dll (Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\1033). Install SP2 and restore the two files you backed up. Unfortunately, you must use the SP1 files (outllib.dll Version and outllibr.dll Version instead of the files on the Office 2000 CD-ROM. Otherwise, you'll have problems with Outlook because of DLL incompatibilities.

Also see for more options

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