Teenage MCSE

In June 2001, I became an MCSE for Windows 2000. This accomplishment is noteworthy not only because achieving the certification is difficult but also because I was 13 years old at the time. I began working toward becoming an MCSE when I started using a small lab setup at home. My father worked with me when I needed help, and I used various white papers and Microsoft's Web site as references.

I also credit Windows & .NET Magazine with helping me in my journey. The magazine clearly explains many areas related to Win2K, such as security and network configurations. I found Mark Minasi's networking articles and Tony Redmond's Exchange articles most useful. Tony's Exchange articles were especially helpful when I was taking the tests—he seems to cover all aspects of Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server.

When I needed a source of information, I searched the Windows & .NET Magazine Network Web site (http://www.winnetmag.com). I found an almost endless array of topics in Windows & .NET Magazine and the Exchange & Outlook Administrator newsletter. All the articles I read in the publications helped me in specific situations and added to my general knowledge of Windows and Exchange.

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