TechEd 2014 for Non-Attendees

TechEd 2014 for Non-Attendees

TechEd 2014 will be a grand event and I know there are those that are upset that they can't attend this year for one reason or another. Fortunately, there are a wealth of options available for those stuck at home and would still like to catch announcements, monitor the TechEd community, and participate in some way.

Here's what's available:

Live Stream

Microsoft making available a live stream of the TechEd 2014 keynote delivered by CVP of Windows Server and System Center, Brad Anderson. During the week, there are also several sessions scheduled to be streamed live.

You can register for the live stream here: LIVE STREAM from TechEd North America

Channel 9

Channel 9 is the goto location for catching TechEd 2014 sessions after they are completed onsite. All sessions are generally available 24-48 hours after they are given. 

Channel 9 is here: TechEd on Channel 9

TechEd Live Twitter Stream

If you don't already have a favorite Twitter client, or can't use one for some reason, has a TechEd Live Twitter stream available here:

TechEd 2014 Live!

The live Twitter stream allows you to monitor news, watch live event activity, and also participate directly with the community. You can reply, retweet, and favorite directly in the interface.

General Twitter Usage

If you are using your own Twitter client (I personally recommend Tweetium for Windows 8.x and the beta Twitter client for Windows Phone 8.1), there's some important Twitter profiles and hashtags to follow. Grab the official TechEd 2014 Twitter Guide for that information:

TechEd 2014 Twitter Guide

Content and Commentary

And, don't forget, we'll have all of our analyists and reporters on the ground at TechEd 2014, so excpect some great content and commentary rolling through our pages all week long.


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