Supporting BlackBerry Users? Bomgar Adds RIM Device to Its OS List

Troubleshoot Windows, Mac, and now BlackBerry issues

Bomgar announced Monday its centralized Help desk platform has added support for BlackBerry mobile devices. Bomgar's solution, which is the only remote-control Help desk software solution to incorporate software and an appliance, also supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Smartphone OSs.

"Many issues are moving to mobile platforms," says Nathan McNeill, vice president of product strategy, explaining that many of the same problems that used to be seen only on traditional OSs are now on mobile OSs as well.

Bomgar also announced added support and integration with HP Service Manager, as well as a "Bomgar Button" that enables a user in trouble to click an icon on the desktop and be instantly connected to the Help desk. "We can reach out over the Internet and fix a system," says CEO and founder Joel Bomgar about the appliance-based solution. "A user doesn't have to figure out what number to call or what website to go to."

He also notes the security advantages of using an appliance-based solution over a software product or a Software as a Solution (SaaS) product. "An appliance lets you audit and control access."

McNeill cites a Verizon Business research report that found that organizations are four to five times more likely to be hacked through remote control solutions rather than through wireless networks. With other remote control solutions, such as SaaS solutions, "They introduce huge security and ownership hurdles. A vendor is storing your sensitive data. With an appliance, you host internally, data isn't routed through other vendors."

"Enterprises are facing the need to reference and report on an incident. We added the ability to integrate with HP," says McNeill. "Basically you can have one incident that tracks across Bomgar and across HP." He adds that the company also enhanced the manageability of its product and added the ability to customize public portals, helpful for organizations needing to support multiple customers or products.

To learn more about Bomgar's solution, see its website.

To read the Verizon report, see this PDF at the Verizon site.

To read a related blog entry about the Verizon report, see "Succeeding in IT: An Old-School, Low-Tech Tip."

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