Sunbelt Discontinues LanHound, Sells Customer Base

Sunbelt Software will cease development and distribution of LanHound, the company's network analyzer product. Network Instruments (NI) acquired Sunbelt's LanHound customer base who will be offered a fully licensed copy of NI's Observer product as a replacement for LanHound.

Alex Eckelberry, president of Sunbelt Software, said Sunbelt wants to focus on their security product line, thus the decision to discontinue LanHound and sell the customer base.

"Of all of the companies in the network analyzer market, Network Instruments was prepared to deliver the greatest value to LanHound customers," said Eckelberry. "Their scalable platform easily meets the needs of our largest \[LanHound\] accounts, and they have the internal resources in place to make this transition seamless to the end-user."

Companies that use LanHound can find more information about switching to Observer at Network Instruments' Web site.


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