Storage UPDATE, November 10, 2003

Storage UPDATE--November 10, 2003

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1. Commentary

- Backup Choices for the SOHO

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- Network Appliance Acquires Spinnaker Networks

- Fujitsu Reports Record Growth

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- Have You Seen Connected Home Media Online Lately?

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- HOW TO: Restore a Volume That Is Managed by Single Instance Storage

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- Disk-to-Tape Backup Solution

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==== 1. Commentary ====

by Mark Smith, [email protected]

Backup Choices for the SOHO

During the recent wildfires in the West, many remote employees and small companies in California and Colorado faced the question, "I have to evacuate my home/business in 30 minutes. What should I take with me?" Many individuals took photo albums and important documents. Small businesses salvaged corporate documents and the most recent backup of data. At such critical times, you realize the strength of your backup system and your level of preparedness.

Here in Colorado, one of my 16-year-old son's friends had to evacuate his home and spent the night with us. I asked him the "30 minutes" question, and he said, "I grabbed my Maxtor \[external\] drive, my skateboard, and a few clothes. I was done in 5 minutes." My son's friend stores everything digitally: music, pictures, important documents, applications, and data. Grabbing his FireWire (IEEE 1394)-attached external storage device was all he needed to do to save all of his data.

Recently, Storage UPDATE's parent company, Penton Media, started shipping external storage drives and USB storage devices to all its remote employees. These external drives have 160GB of storage space and a push-button backup feature. For employees' upcoming business trips, the company provided a 128MB USB storage device that provides quick backup and easy file transfer between laptops.

Such small office/home office (SOHO) backup devices are quickly finding their way into small businesses as well as homes. I recently spoke with Katy Hunter, group program manager for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2003. Hunter says that many SBS customers use the built-in backup server, which provides snapshots of data to tape or disk. "Many of our partners are configuring backup to disk instead of tape. That way, the small-business customer does not have to mess with changing tapes," says Hunter. A quick check of shows the price of a Maxtor Personal Storage 5000XT 250GB external hard drive with dual USB 2.0 and FireWire interface is $299.99--with free shipping. That drive would provide more than enough backup storage for a small business, and you can set up the drive for unattended backup and easy restore.

For further protection, you can use an online backup service. These services require you to load a piece of software on your server or workstation and configure the system to back up your critical data on a scheduled basis. Typically, these services determine the data that needs to be backed up, compress and encrypt it, then transmit the data over the Internet to the service's secured data center.

Several technologies are available today for performing these online backups. I recently subscribed to Intuit's QuickBooks backup service. Intuit uses Connected's online backup engine and configures it to specifically back up the QuickBooks data files. Theoretically, if my computers were destroyed during a fire, I could install a new version of QuickBooks and restore directly from Connected's data center.

US Data Trust and other service providers use the LiveVault engine to provide backup and recovery services for small-to-midsized companies. LiveVault stores its customers' data at an Iron Mountain facility, and LiveVault's technology deals especially well with the specific software that comes with SBS, such as Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft SQL Server. (For more information about LiveVault, see "LiveVault's Online Backup Service," .)

The cost of online services varies depending on the amount of data you want to back up. Data Protection Services charges $80 per month for 2GB of storage, and @Backup charges $83 per month for 2GB. At US Data Trust's price of $166 per month for 5GB of storage, you can see that you pay a premium for the extra protection of offsite backup.

I hope you'll never face the 30-minute evacuation decision. But if you do and you have a good backup system, you won't need to worry about saving your data.

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==== 2. News and Views ====

by Keith Furman, [email protected]

Network Appliance Acquires Spinnaker Networks

Storage solution provider Network Appliance (NetApp) has signed an agreement to acquire competitor Spinnaker Networks to enhance its offerings. Spinnaker is a privately held company that specializes in scalable system architectures, DFS implementation, next-generation clustering technologies, and storage virtualization. NetApp plans to use Spinnaker's technology to strengthen its NetApp Storage Grid architecture, which NetApp envisions as a platform for next-generation information lifecycle management (ILM). NetApp's goal with the architecture is to increase scalability, simplicity, and total cost of ownership (TCO) of storage systems. The two key benefits of the acquisition for NetApp are Spinnaker's DFS architecture and the company's engineering staff.

The acquisition is valued at approximately $300 million in stock and is expected to be complete by January 2004. Afterward, NetApp will integrate Spinnaker's SpinServer product line into NetApp's product family. Spinnaker will continue to operate as an engineering and development site for NetApp in Pittsburgh. NetApp currently has research and development teams in California, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Bangalore Technology Center in India.

Fujitsu Reports Record Growth

Fujitsu Computer Products of America has announced record growth in both the enterprise and mobile hard drive markets. The company increased its worldwide enterprise hard drive shipments to 1.2 million in third quarter 2003, which is a 78 percent increase over the previous quarter and a 47 percent increase over the same quarter last year. The company also saw growth in its mobile hard drive shipments to 2 million units, which represents a 19 percent increase over the previous quarter and a 90 percent increase over the same quarter last year.

A major OEM provider of disk drives, Fujitsu plans to continue to invest in hard drive manufacturing and increase its market share. "We are very pleased that Fujitsu's commitment to quality and industry-leading technology has been resonating with our customers. Fujitsu plans to continue our technology leadership with focus on R&D, manufacturing capabilities, and driving the adoption of trends in hard-disk-drive form factor and connectivity," said Joel Hagberg, vice president, global accounts - west, and marketing, Fujitsu Computer Products of America.

==== 3. Announcements ====

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We've Added 3 New Web Seminars

You won't want to miss our latest free Web seminars: Understanding the Identity Management Roadmap and How it Fits with Your Microsoft Infrastructure, Assessing IM Risks on Your Network, and Five Keys to Choosing the Right Patch Management Solution. Register today for these informative and timely Web events!

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==== 4. Resource ====

HOW TO: Restore a Volume That Is Managed by Single Instance Storage

Single Instance Storage (SIS), which is installed when you install Remote Installation Services (RIS), reduces the amount of space that data uses in a volume by putting duplicate files into a hidden directory in the volume's root directory. When you restore a SIS-managed volume, you must take certain steps to prevent data corruption. For details about using and restoring SIS-managed volumes, click the link below.

==== 5. Event ====

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Check Out 4 New Upcoming Web Seminars

Sign up today for these upcoming Web seminars: Access Control for the Web (NEW!), Assess IM Risks on Your Network, Five Keys to Choosing the Right Patch Management Solution, and The Secret Costs of Spam ... What You Don't Know Can Hurt You. Don't miss these free events!

==== 6. New and Improved ====

by Renee Munshi, [email protected]

Disk-to-Tape Backup Solution

Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) announced that ADIC Pathlight VX will be available worldwide beginning in fourth quarter 2003. Pathlight VX is an integrated disk-to-tape backup solution that works with customers' existing backup and restores environments to provide disk performance and RAID reliability along with a fully automated path to tape. Pathlight VX offers as much as 40TB of disk-based storage capacity, total throughput of as much as 1TB per hour, RAID 5 redundancy, and 2Gbps Fibre Channel system connectivity. The tape export function is independent of both media type and library brand. Prices start at $190,000 for a 10TB solution. For more information, visit ADIC's Web site.

Storage Software

Permabit introduced Permeon, software that provides nearline access to reference information that you might otherwise need to store on tape or optical media. A Permeon storage system consists of Permeon software on a cluster of networked storage servers, portal servers, and a Web-based management console. Solutions are available on qualified hardware configurations through selected channel partners. Offerings are available for high-volume archival, backup and recovery, and reference information applications. Pricing starts at $20 per gigabyte of storage capacity. For more information, visit Permabit's Web site.

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