A Stack of PowerShell 4.0 Quick Reference Guides Offered

A Stack of PowerShell 4.0 Quick Reference Guides Offered

Microsoft has released a new set of Quick Guides covering the many aspects of PowerShell 4.0.

Many of the PDF-format guides available are two-pagers, offering quick and informative reference material for carrying around with you, or printing out and sticking in a binder to store somewhere. Personally, I've taken the guides and uploaded them to OneNote so they are available on any device or PC I use. OneNote gives the option to either save the files directly as note attachments, or to "print" them directly into OneNote pages. I prefer the "print" option, making the stored documents searchable.

Here's what's available now for download:

  • Four-page Language Reference (PowerShell_LangRef_v4.pdf)
  • Two-page ISE Reference (PowerShell_ISE_v4.pdf)
  • Two-page Examples Doc (PowerShell_Examples_v4.pdf)
  • Two-page Desired State Configuration Reference (PowerShell_DSC_v4.pdf)
  • Two-page doc for PowerShell and Windows Server 2012 R2 (Quick_Reference_SM_WS12.pdf)
  • Two-page WMI for IT Pros Reference (Quick_Reference_WMI_ITPro_WS12R2.pdf)
  • Two-page WMI for Developers Reference (Quick_Reference_WMI_Devs_WS12R2.pdf)

The downloads are here: Windows PowerShell 4.0 and Other Quick Reference Guides

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