Sources for RSH, Finger, TFTP and UUCP

Sources for RSH, Finger, TFTP, and UUCP
RSH and Finger Ataman Software
RSH server, Telnet server Dean Troyer
Finger server Denicomp Systems
RSH server European Microsoft Windows Academic Center (EMWAC)
Finger server Ewan Kirk
Finger server Greyware Automation Products
Finger server Hummingbird Communications
Finger server, Telnet server Kendra Electronic Wonderworks
UUCP Microsoft Windows NT Server Resource Kit for NT 4.0 CD-ROM
RSH server Pragma Systems
Telnet server Robert O'Callahan
Finger server Seattle Lab
Telnet server Silviu Marghescu
RSH server Weird Solutions
TFTP server Ymex Electronics AB

These low-end interoperability services are only the tip of the TCP/IP services iceberg.

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